Successful Indiana Pilot Program Leads to Real Alternatives Expansion

Indiana pic


Since 1996, Real Alternatives has strived to provide caring and life-affirming resources to expectant mothers in crisis. Providing assistance with not only healthcare referrals, but also baby food, shelter, career readiness, and education, Real Alternatives has expanded from an initial government-funded program in Pennsylvania to encompass 145 nonprofit resource centers across three states.

In 2014, Real Alternatives partnered with the state of Indiana to launch a pilot pregnancy support program comprised of 16 local pregnancy centers throughout northern Indiana. The $1 million pilot project assisted over 8,400 individuals across nearly 17,000 visits. Following this success, Indiana Governor Mike Pence announced the expansion of the program via a statewide contract with Real Alternatives. Just as it had previously done in Pennsylvania and Michigan, the organization administers the program for the state and uses state monies and/or a percentage of its Temporary Assistance for Needy Families funding to serve expectant mothers at life-affirming pregnancy centers in several communities.

Announcing the broadened program on October 12, 2015, Governor Pence detailed the wide range of services to be facilitated by the newly earmarked $3.5 million. The new Real Alternatives-funded centers will provide counseling and resources to assist with childcare, drug dependence, physical or emotional abuse, and a host of other challenges. Also commenting on the partnership, Real Alternatives President and CEO Kevin I. Bagatta expressed his organization’s excitement at the program expansion, as it will allow them to increase the pool of more than 250,000 women served at their supportive community centers.


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