Life-Affirming Alternatives for Abortion-Pressured Expecting Mothers

Worship Hands Love iStock_000055467308.jpgProviding cost savings to tax payers, Pennsylvania-headquartered Real Alternatives offers a host of pregnancy support services spanning prenatal care and resources referrals related to sexual health and STDs. Real Alternatives’ successful Alternatives to Abortion Program assists women who select childbirth in receiving appropriate support and medical treatment.

The organization has achieved positive results, with a significant majority of abortion-pressured and abortion-minded women ultimately deciding to keep their babies. One key emphasis is on education with regards to forced abortions, which are illegal under all circumstances. Neither the parent, sibling, family member, physician, nor father of the child, has the right to insist on abortion without informed consent. In addition, performing an abortion without private medical consultation is punishable under the law.

In cases when an expecting mother feels forced into an abortion, even if she is a minor, she has a number of rights. She can refuse to sign documents given by the clinic or parent, which demonstrate agreement to the abortion. She also can inform all clinicians she comes into contact with that she does not agree to the abortion and will sue the facility if an abortion is performed. Other options include contacting the county court house and stopping the abortion through a court of common pleas filing. Any expecting mother who feels pressured to have an abortion can contact 1-888-LIFE-AID to receive confidential, no-cost assistance.


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