Placing a Child for Adoption

Pretty Asian woman with city lights in backgroundAt Real Alternatives, experienced and caring individuals are available to help women who are facing unexpected pregnancy. Real Alternatives has the resources to connect these women with professionals who can help them through the adoption process.

Placing a child for adoption begins with a decision. The mother or expectant mother must choose whether she is ready to become a parent, and this can take some time. An experienced agency can help provide guidance throughout this process, but the mother should never feel any pressure.

Once the birth mother has made the decision to place the child, a licensed adoption agency can help her to develop a detailed adoption plan. This includes choosing if and how the mother will receive communications from the adoptive family. The birth mother will also receive assistance in creating a strategy for her hospital stay, deciding what type of adoptive family she would most like, and securing the resources necessary to have a healthy pregnancy.

Although it is not legally mandated for the birth mother to choose an adoptive family, many women find the process rewarding. The agency typically sends profiles of potential adoptive parents and allows the birth mother to select those with which she wants to have a deeper conversation.

The chosen adoptive family often becomes a part of the child’s life right from the start. Adoption specialists contact the family when the mother enters labor, and the adoptive family takes the child home from the hospital. There may be continuing contact with the child, depending on the type of adoption agreed to, but the birth mother is still likely to need strong emotional support after the decision to place her baby for adoption.

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