How Real Alternatives Saves Taxpayer Money


Real Alternatives  pic

Real Alternatives

A nonprofit that focuses on counseling women who are considering abortion, Real Alternatives operates throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by offering advice, prenatal care, and support. The organization receives $7.2 million annually from Pennsylvania taxpayers to provide such services, with the Real Alternatives programs ensuring this cost is repaid many times over through the effectiveness of its programs, low administrative costs that fall below 8 percent, and excellent stewardship of the money that places financial accountability at the forefront.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its programs, it refers to a 1999 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that suggests that each woman who received prenatal care saved $14,755 for the taxpayer that would otherwise have been spent on providing low birth weight babies with substantial medical care.

Adjusted for inflation, that figure increased to $20,767 in 2014. In that same year, programs operated by the organization provided prenatal care to 15,536, creating taxpayer savings of $322,636,112 as a return for the $7.2 million the organization received.

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