Your Rights in Regards to Abortion

Rights pic


A non-profit organization, Real Alternatives focuses on providing support and resources to families and women in relation to parenting, sexual health, and pregnancy. Through its work, Real Alternatives highlights alternative choices to abortion and provides information about the rights of women, including those under 18, in regards to forced abortions. Sadly, 11 -14% of women who come to Real Alternatives programs in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan state someone has pressured them to abort. Real Alternatives offers the following advice for those who wish to prevent forced abortion:

1. Refuse to sign any documentation that indicates an agreement to an abortion, including any documents stating that you have received information.

2. Speak to medical professionals and make it clear that you don’t want the abortion and your rights receive protection under United States law. Remember that lawsuits are an option.

3. Find the address and phone number of your local county courthouse, which you can contact if you feel undue pressure is being placed on you to have an abortion.

4. Contact the state to discuss benefits assistance, particularly if refusing abortion results in the loss of financial support from parents. Take note that the father is liable to assist in supporting the child, even if he has offered to pay for abortion.

5. Contact Real Alternatives by calling 1-888-LIFE AID at any point to receive advice from a counselor.

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