Real Alternatives’ Toll-Free Referral Program

Toll-Free Referral Program pic

Toll-Free Referral Program

A nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania, Real Alternatives provides pregnant women with life-affirming support in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. A particular focus of the Real Alternatives staff is to help those women who are considering an abortion or are being pressured to have an abortion to gain awareness of options that will allow them to bring their child to term.

Among the core offerings of the program is the 1-888-LIFE-AID toll-free number, which serves the urgent needs of thousands of women annually who are living through an unplanned pregnancy. The toll-free referral program begins with general crisis intervention counseling, after which the woman is connected to a counselor operating in the local area in which she lives.

The Real Alternatives network spans nearly 130 social service agencies, pregnancy support centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies, meaning that those seeking assistance are typically able to access a physical location within a one-hour drive from where they live. This translates into measurable results, as pregnant women receive support that addresses their specific situation in their local community.


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