Real Alternatives’ Seal of Excellence Accreditation


Seal of Excellence pic

Seal of Excellence

Real Alternatives is a nonprofit organization that provides parenting and pregnancy support services in the states of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan, with a combined budget of nearly $12 million. In Pennsylvania alone, Real Alternatives’ services are funded by the state at $7.26 million per year. Real Alternatives high performance and accountability has been recognized multiple times. The nonprofit submitted to evaluation of its operations and obtained the Seal of Excellence accreditation three times in a row from the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO).

To qualify for the Seal of Excellence, nonprofits must successfully meet 56 criteria of the PANO Standards for Excellence program, which is based on fundamental values such as integrity, honesty, fairness, responsibility, and accountability.

In judging Real Alternatives, PANO conducted an in-depth examination of the management, financial practices, fundraising efforts, and programs and services of Real Alternatives. Among the first four nonprofits to earn the Seal of Excellence in 2002, Real Alternatives became one of the first to earn re-accreditation three times.


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