Real Alternatives Supports Women from Pregnancy to Post Childbirth

Service Provider pic

Real Alternatives

Since being established in 1996, Real Alternatives has helped over 300,000 women in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan. Real Alternatives’ Pregnancy and Parenting Support Services Program promotes childbirth in place of abortion and offers assistance not only during pregnancy but also after birth.

US citizens living in the three states who are pregnant are eligible to receive assistance. Expectant mothers are given access to education, mentoring, counseling, and classes that cover essential areas of parenting, such as breast-feeding, child care, nutrition, financial accountability, and many others.

Once the child is born, Real Alternatives extends its support to new moms by referring them to service providers that can supply food, baby clothing and furniture, medical care, temporary housing, and financial assistance. All expenses are covered, so that the mother can continue rearing her child with less burden and emotional stress. The support continues should the mother decide to go back to school or apply for a job.

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