Real Alternatives’ Three-Part Vendor Service Provider Monitoring


Service Provider pic

Real Alternatives

Real Alternatives has helped hundred of thousands of women battle with crises involving pregnancy, sexual health, and parenting. Real Alternatives coordinates with a network of service providers in Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to ensure that they possess all the requirements, training, and experience to handle pro-life missions in their respective communities.

In addition to the preliminary evaluation necessary to sign on service providers, Real Alternatives also exercises an annual monitoring process which consists of three steps: corporate administration and program profile review; facility inspection; and reimbursement compliance review.

During the corporate administration and program profile review, Real Alternatives looks over all the outlined policies that the service providers agreed to since joining the program. The policies cover all areas pertaining to adoption, anti-discrimination, client confidentiality, English proficiency, sexual harassment, and spiritual issues. At the same time, Real Alternatives goes through a service provider’s training plan and materials, corporate documents, client services, and client-referral sources.

The facility inspection includes an assessment of both the physical site (counseling areas, waiting area, fire safety equipment, and provisions for disabled people), service website, and all the updated state background checks and clearances necessary to operate in the area.

The last step of the annual monitoring is the reimbursement compliance review, which involves spot-checking of the client files to ensure the accuracy of billing. Real Alternatives reimburses service providers with a fee based on the type of counseling, class, or mentoring that has been delivered to clients.

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