Forced Abortions – Know Your Rights

Real Alternatives pic

Real Alternatives

The nonprofit organization Real Alternatives provides life-affirming support services to women experiencing unexpected pregnancy. For women who feel pressured by their families, doctors, partners, or friends to have an abortion, Real Alternatives provides guidance in addressing the situation.

Importantly, women should not sign any document that serves as an agreement to have an abortion, or any certification that acknowledges such an agreement. It is unlawful for anyone to force women into signing a document or submitting to a medical procedure. If a doctor chooses to ignore your explicit refusal, you have the right to report him or her to the county courthouse and make a formal complaint.

If your family threatens to withdraw financial support, the state has the means to provide assistance with housing and finances during and after pregnancy. The state will also hold the father liable to support the child regardless of his inclination toward abortion.

For compassionate, nonjudgmental counseling and assistance, call Real Alternatives at (888) LIFE AID or visit

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