Real Alternative’s LIFE AID Hotline

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A government-supported nonprofit with a history of helping over 300,000 women, Real Alternatives provides prenatal and post-birth support to individuals experiencing unexpected pregnancies and helps them assert their rights against pressure to have an abortion. In an interview with K-LOVE’s Closer Look, Real Alternatives President and CEO Kevin Bagatta highlighted several of the organization’s life-saving services, which include its toll-free LIFE AID hotline (1-888-LIFE AID).

Staffed by compassionate, highly trained counselors, the LIFE AID hotline ensures that clients receive the necessary information to enable them to make informed choices. Implemented in 1997, the hotline employs staff members who provide services such as:

Ongoing pregnancy care and support

The hotline can put women experiencing an unexpected pregnancy in contact with knowledgeable counselors who can offer guidance and provide information about all options available to the mother. Their assistance is ongoing throughout the mother’s pregnancy with a focus on forming close client-counselor bonds, and their support continues after the infant’s birth.

Continuing education support

An unexpected pregnancy can pose challenges in terms of achieving educational goals, especially for teenagers and those still attending school. LIFE AID staff help clients explore options for finishing their education.

Referrals to social service agencies

Women without support from their families or who come from disadvantaged backgrounds may find it difficult to access the essentials needed for a healthy and successful pregnancy, such as food and medical care. Counselors can refer these individuals to social services agencies that can provide these resources, in addition to financial assistance to cover the expenses that come with a pregnancy.

Temporary housing assistance

LIFE AID’s counselors also help women who do not have a place to live to find temporary shelter, such as residential maternity houses. In some cases, this offers the additional benefit of ensuring that they have access to food, medical care, and other supportive services.

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