Lourdeshouse Maternity House Offers Support Beyond Birth

Alternatives to Abortion Program pic

Parenting Tips Image: realalternatives.org

A nonprofit organization based in Pennsylvania, Real Alternatives provides pregnancy support to women throughout the state, as well as in Indiana and Michigan. In an interview with K-LOVE’s Closer Look, Kevin Bagatta, the CEO and president of Real Alternatives, discusses the numerous resources offered to women with unexpected pregnancies. Among these is the Catholic Charities of Harrisburg and its Lourdeshouse Maternity Home.

The program, which caters to single women without family assistance or permanent shelter, offers comprehensive maternity care and residential housing. In addition to providing counseling and educational classes on caring for their family, the staff work to ensure the health of the mother and her child over the course of their stay through nutrition and medical monitoring. The Lourdeshouse also supplies infant-care items, such as blankets, pacifiers, formula, and baby furniture, whenever possible. Furthermore, clients may remain at the facility after giving birth for up to six months and can continue to access its services and resources throughout the baby’s first year.

Located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the Lourdeshouse Maternity Home can accommodate 16 individuals at a time and provides residents with hot, nutritious meals. It also provides transportation to medical appointments for pre-natal and post-delivery care.

Services are available at no cost to clients and those in need of the program’s assistance can learn more at www.cchbg.org/get-help/maternity-pregnancy-services.

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