Seal of Excellence-Certified Organization Real Alternatives


Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations

With a network of nearly 150 service providers, Real Alternatives is well-equipped to fulfill the crisis pregnancy and adoption needs of its female clients. For its dedicated work, Real Alternatives has received the Seal of Excellence certification on three separate occasions – 2004, 2007, and 2013. In 2002, the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO) established its Seal of Excellence along with nearly 60 Standards for Excellence criteria that determined which organizations could earn this prestigious designation.

Those who meet these standards successfully demonstrate that they are able to fulfill all the operational, managerial, and ethical requirements of an exceptional organization. Though PANO has awarded this accreditation to nonprofits in more than 20 Pennsylvania counties, Real Alternatives was one of the first to earn it at the time of its inception.

The organization achieves this designation after a jury of peers evaluates its capabilities in such areas as accountability and integrity. After this initial recognition, Real Alternatives continued its community service for a decade and earned the Seal of Excellence twice more, making it one of the first Pennsylvania organizations to achieve this accreditation three times.

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