Some of the Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

As of September 2016, the Real Alternatives network of pro-life pregnancy support agencies has helped 20,000 women in Indiana since the service was launched in 2014. A nonprofit organization, Real Alternatives receives funding from the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), which is paid back multiple times over by the taxpayer savings it generates by offering prenatal care and advice to women. Some who visit the organization’s agencies are unsure if they are actually pregnant, so keep these early symptoms in mind as potential indicators that you need to visit a physician.

1. The most obvious early symptom of pregnancy is late menstruation. Start looking for the other symptoms below if you have missed your period.

2. Swelling and tenderness in the breasts may start occurring as early as one week into the pregnancy. This is typified by a tingling sensation that you don’t recognize.

3. Typically, pregnant women experience a change in color of both the vagina and vulva. These are usually pink but will change as more blood starts being supplied to the fetus, adopting a purple/red hue.

4. Vaginal discharge may occur more frequently and occasionally be heavier. This is noticeable if you are familiar with your regular menstrual cycle.

5. Nausea may present as early as 1-2 weeks after a missed period. Remember though that lack of nausea does not guarantee that you are not pregnant.

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