Indiana Contracts with Real Alternatives after Two Other States


Real Alternatives

In 2015, Governor Mike Pence set aside $3.5 million in funding for a statewide pregnancy and parenting support program administered by Real Alternatives, a pro-life nonprofit headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The new funding followed a year after the state began working with the organization on a $1 million pilot program. Real Alternatives works to offer non-judgmental counseling for pregnant women in crisis and provides access to not only education on alternatives to abortion, but also ongoing child care and parenting training, as well as needed supplies such as food, furnishings, and clothing.

The Indiana program, like its predecessors in Pennsylvania and Michigan, continues its focus on long-term healthy lives for women and their babies through its multi-pronged assistance. In Indiana, the total number of induced abortions provided in 2014 was more than 8,000. Unfortunately, the state’s rate of infant mortality is among the highest in the country.

The new program aims to effect further downward trends in these statistics, as it works through 22 centers in communities across the state. The results thus far are very promising. In FY 15-16, 8,366 Indiana program clients received proper prenatal care during their pregnancy saving Indiana taxpayers $173,736,722.00 in medical costs. Also iIn FY 15-16, 428 Indiana program clients children’s immunizations were up-to-date saving Indiana taxpayers $6,193,238.00 in medical costs.

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