Useful Tips for Teens for Practicing Abstinence

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Via its network of 99 counselors and 22 non-profit organizations, Real Alternatives provides support to pregnant women throughout Indiana. Additionally, Real Alternatives advocates for abstinence, particularly for teenage girls, and offers the following tips on practicing abstinence:

1. Remember that sex does not equate to love and a good partner will not pressure you into any activity that you are not comfortable with. Open communication is crucial and both partners should respect each other’s beliefs.

2. Remove yourself from any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. When saying no, don’t offer additional excuses or promises of later sexual activity. Your partner should respect your wishes.

3. Avoid alcohol and narcotics, as both can influence you to make decisions you may regret later.

4. When spending an evening with a partner, have a plan in place to occupy the entire evening so you don’t end up alone together for an extended period of time.

5. Alleviate the pressure of first dates by going out with another couple.

6. Always remember that you are in complete control of your life and decisions.

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