A Woman’s Right to Have a Baby and Not Be Forced Into Abortion

A life-affirming provider of pregnancy and parenting support services, Real Alternatives serves women in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Michigan. Real Alternatives’ comprehensive offerings help women confronted by the challenges of unplanned pregnancy who seek pathways to keep their preborn babies. One aspect of the pregnancy process that the organization emphasizes is the right of women – whatever their age – not to be pressured into an abortion. It is against the law for anyone, including parents and physicians, to force someone to have an abortion.


Medical practitioners who perform abortions without a woman’s informed consent – or a private medical consultation – can be held legally liable. Women who feel that an abortion is being forced upon them should refuse to sign documents in response to this type of demand. In addition, physicians and clinicians should be clearly informed if an abortion is not agreed on or wanted, and legal action will be undertaken if such a procedure is performed. The court of common pleas within the county courthouse can be contacted, if necessary, with protections of this essential right to choose life enforced.

For those individuals under 18 who face the loss of financial support from their parents due to their decision not to have an abortion, the state will provide mandated assistance benefits. Even if the father has agreed to finance an abortion, he is legally required to provide support for the baby if the mother chooses to have it.

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